All About Art: What Makes It Essential for Humans

Humans have had an intimate relationship with art for thousands of years. Art likely dates back to the early days of ancient rock paintings and etched carvings on cave walls, yet the story of our relationship with art predates even these. Human history is filled with art—from instruments to stained glass windows—making it an inseparable and permanent part of our existence.

Despite this, some people still ask: why is art vital? In this article, we’ve put together ten reasons why art is critical to the world:

1. Art Crosses All Divides

Art is a universal language understood by all. Through art, we can transcend the barrier of language and communicate with each other in ways that we may not be able to through words. We can all interpret abstract art in our own way, even if our interpretations are vastly different.

2. Art Is a Legacy

Art is created by people who pass their knowledge on to future generations. Art can show how we were as a people, who we were as individuals, and how we lived. Art is a reminder of the past, so we can learn from our mistakes and avoid repeating them.

3. Art Is a Form of Self-Expression

Art is a reflection of ourselves. Artists create art to express themselves, their inner thoughts, and feelings. They use art as a form of self-expression to communicate what words cannot.

4. Art Enriches Society

Art creates a sense of community and culture as it inspires people to work together to create something beautiful. When people work on a piece of art together, they learn to appreciate each other and form a bond that would not have existed without art.

5. Art Celebrates Shared Differences

Art allows us to take the differences that divide us and transform them into something beautiful. Art can be used to showcase the differences we share and will enable us to appreciate and accept each other.

6. Art Encourages Creativity and Innovation

Art is a catalyst for finding new ways of thinking and doing things. Art pushes the boundaries of human creativity and helps us find ways to live more creatively.

7. Art Is a Reminder of Who We Are

We can reclaim the humanity that is often lost in our practical lives through art. Art gives us a chance to reconnect with others and the world around us and reminds us of who we are.

8. Art Is a Life-Long Pursuit

Creating art is a life-long pursuit. We always find new art to enjoy, appreciate, and make throughout our lives. Few people can say that they have stopped learning about art altogether.

9. Art Is a Second Nature to Humans

We are naturally creative beings, and we have always had a deep-seated love for art. Art has always been a part of our existence—even before we could create it. As soon as we were able to create art, we did so.

10. Art Is a Form of Therapy

Art allows us to deal with issues in a way that language cannot. For example, art therapy is a modern practice that allows people to express themselves and work through their issues through art.


The evidence is clear; art is essential. It has been a part of human life for thousands of years and has played a major role in shaping our society. Art has touched your life somehow, whether it’s the art hanging in the hallway when you walked to class or the lyrics to the hit song on the radio.

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