Angie Haskell

Speaker Page Photo 480x480 293x300Angie Spady is an artist who has always chased dreams with passion. Her determined spirit led to her becoming an award-winning children’s author, jewelry designer, and a sought-after speaker who uplifts women. Inspired by the colors of New Mexico, Angie is also influenced by her travels around the world, specifically to Peru, India and Italy.

Upon realizing that many stones in jewelry are referred to as “man-made,” Angie decided to create unique “woman-made” stone using crushed gemstones and exotic wood. Her colorful patented designs are now collected by famous actresses, country music artists and by any woman who loves unique jewelry with a message. Angie is daily motivated by the countless emails and messages she receives from women, thanking her for creating jewelry that speaks to their heart.

Angie resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she counts it a blessing to live in an area that gives her a sense of wonderment on a daily basis.

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