Charley Shipley

22780 1879947w750 300x184Growing up in Arizona, Charley’s earliest memories were dabbling in art, taking inspiration from his father who had artistic gifts but never pursued them. Through time drawing, hunting and fishing with him, Charley discovered his love of the outdoors and the amazing creatures that inhabit Arizona and the rest of the country.

Shipley’s explorations in Alaska, British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon have also inspired his paintings. In time, he and his wife moved to Montana, where his studio faces the majestic mountains and where mule deer roam every day. His paintings reflect the raw, yet peaceful beauty of this world, removed from the crowded hustle and bustle of everyday life. His paintings invite the viewer to remember a distant time or place in the natural world that holds special meaning to them

Features and Exhibitions
*Southwest Art and Western Art Collector
* Western Masters Show
* Charlie Russell Art Auction. Great Falls, Montana

Big Lonely. 30x40. 8400
“Big Lonely” 30x40
Canyon Shadows. 30x40. 9500 1
“Canyon Shadows” 30x40
Enchanting Alley. 24x30. 5950
“Enchanting Alley” 24x30
In His Prime. 24x36. 6900 1
“In His Prime” 24x36
Heat Of The Battle. 24x18. 2950
“Heat of the Battle” 24x18
Taking A Break. 24x18. 3500
“Taking a Break” 24x18
Last Light. 36x48. 13500
“Last Light” 36x48
Morning Solitude. 24x36. 6900
“Morning Solitude” 24x36
Out Of The High Country. 20x40. 6400
“Out of the High Country” 20x40
Sacred Land. 20x40. 6500
“Sacred Land” 20x40
River Solitude. 30x40. 9500
“River Solitude” 30x40
Sunset Slough. 20x40. 6400
“Sunset Slough” 20x40
Whitehouse. 24x18. 3500
“Whitehouse” 24x18
Wilderness Falls. 24x18. 3500
“Wilderness Falls” 24x18
Tres Amigos. 18x24. 2900
“Tres Amigos” 18x24
Under A Watchful Eye. 24x36. 5950
“Under a Watchful Eye” 24x36
Chase Is On Oil 18x24 1
“Chase is On Oil” 18x24
The Appraiser Oil 16x24 1
“The Appraiser Oil” 16x24