Saige LaFountain


“Sculpture is a representation of my life, expressing the beauty and hardships throughout. With each carved stone I challenge my artistry using traditional and contemporary sculpting techniques, earned through priceless hours in the studio. I admire the absolution of stone; the reductive process offers no remorse while pushing artistic boundaries. My designs are inspired by the symbiotic relationships of people and nature. I love the organic lines that my work emulates with the blending of geometric shapes that it explores. My hope is to inspire another creative, to ignite a passion of expression through a life of creativity.”

Saige is a second-generation stone sculptor who has carved an artistic path spanning over 30 years. Born within a family of artist was inspiring and instrumental to his creativity. As an American Indian, he blends his cultural beliefs with contemporary Western Society. This unique perspective has inspired Saige to create a legacy of art, honoring his past in a contemporary world. With this passion he continues to pursue a life of mastering his artistry: Expressing himself through multiple mediums, fusing concepts and techniques from various disciplines: Amplifying his vision and love for stone sculpture as his primary focus.

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Whispers of the Beginning 

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Star Catcher
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Indigenous World
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Reflections of the Past
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Awaiting Spirit
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Native Icon
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