Todd Paxton

Todd Paxton PicJohn “Todd” Paxton, who now resides in Santa Fe, NM area, grew up in rural eastern Washington, USA. He is best known for his dynamic bronze sculptures of native American and figurative works. Storytelling is an integral part of Todd’s artistic process. He endeavors to capture his audience by intertwining his love of art with his connection to the human experience.

Todd uses innovative materials to construct the internal strength that lays deep within each sculpture. When he has decided that the armature is secure and composed in a pleasing manner, he then begins masterfully applying layers of his medium of choice, Roma Plastina, the renowned choice of many professional sculptors worldwide. It is an oil-based clay that is non-hardening and remains permanently pliable and works smoothly. Once the clay sculpture meets the artist’s satisfaction, the clay piece is molded and then cast in bronze. The transformation that transpires between clay and bronze is laborious and extensive, to say the least. Once Todd receives the bronze pieces back into his studio, he carefully examines each piece and determines which patina will be best to breathe life into the story and the feeling behind it.

The foundry process is an ancient art that Todd has mastered. Over a decade ago, he bought a foundry in Chinle, AZ from well-known sculptor, Kenneth Payne. Owning a foundry for many years has given him a well-rounded understanding of casting bronze and without doubt, was a vital stepping stone to becoming the professional sculptor he is today. Over time, Todd realized that primarily focusing on the foundry process limited his ability to spend time creating his own art. With Todd’s intimate understanding of the foundry process, handing over his own precious clay sculptures to another foundry was not an easy choice, however, he decided it was a necessary decision to realize his ultimate goal of creating his own art full time. Todd left the foundry business behind in 2016 in order to pursue sculpting full time and has never looked back. He certainly hopes you enjoy his art as much as he enjoys creating it.

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