Why You Need to See These Santa Fe, Art Galleries


Do you love art or are fascinated by creative artistic works? Are you planning an art trip? Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the best place to be for art. Santa Fe is known for its rich historical, cultural, and art scenes. It is the oldest capital city in the United States and is home to over 250 art galleries that feature diverse art collections.

Nicknamed “The City Different,” Santa Fe is one of the most famous art markets in the US, ranked number three after New York and Los Angeles. In 2005, Santa Fe, NM, became one of the nine cities globally and the first in the US to be named a Creative City by UNESCO.

Santa Fe art galleries have all kinds of art for all sorts of art lovers. From traditional to classic western masterpieces, photography, pottery, textiles, sculpture to contemporary paintings. It is clear that art lies at the heart of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Canyon Road- America's Greatest Art and Creative Street

Legendary Canyon Road in Santa Fe is the densest area of art galleries. The half-mile street is home to over 100 art galleries close to each other with a diverse mix of artwork from historic to modern masterpieces and local artists’ niche creations.

Canyon Road began its commercial life in 1962 when it was designated by the city as a “residential arts and crafts zone,” permitting painters to sell their artwork from home. With the historical and cultural wealth in Canyon Road, the city has grown to be an American arts mecca.

Today Canyon road is an international arts destination that attracts a million and a half visitors each year. It was named one of the Great Streets in America by the American Planning Association, and in 2013 USA Today named it the second Most Iconic Streets in America.

As you walk down Canyon Road street discovering one gallery after another, you will find that many doorways are painted in vivid hues, and you could have a chance to watch painters work on their creations in their studios.

Canyon Road is, therefore, an ideal place to begin exploring the Santa Fe creative art since the galleries are next to each other.

Best Contemporary Art Galleries In the Country

Art galleries in Santa Fe are diverse; as stated earlier, they all have unique features for all sorts of art lovers. That means if you are visiting Santa Fe, your preferences and needs are taken care of. The following are a few elements you will see in Santa FE contemporary art galleries.

Diversity of Modern Western Culture

The contemporary galleries in Santa Fe showcase a collection of arts representing the depth and diversity of modern American culture from recognized leading contemporary painters and sculptors. If you are seeking an adventurous, high-quality, and stylish curated work, visit Santa Fe.

International Painters and Artisans

If you would like to see great artwork from your favorite artists from all over the world, Then Santa Fe is the best place to visit. The artwork in these galleries comes from local artists and artists from all over the world. Some galleries do take local artists in Santa Fe and walk with them throughout their creative process.

Diverse Art Mediums

Santa Fe is home to a wide range of art and paintings in gemstones, pastel, oil, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, fused glass, and bronze sculpture. The most contemporary kind of art is fine art photography, prints, and video art.

Unique Art Messages

Some of the Santa Fe art galleries have taken the path of using their arts and paintings to provoke and compel different emotions. If you have an eye for this kind of art, visit Santa Fe.

The Santa Fe galleries are a great place to view artwork from some of the most talented artists in New Mexico. You can find paintings, sculptures, and many other types of art all over town. If you’re looking for something more specific, like classical or abstract, there are plenty of choices near downtown that will suit your needs. There is also an excellent selection at Canyon Road if you want to explore new areas outside the city center.

A Truly Impressive Collections

Maya Gallery is one of the fine art galleries in Santa Fe that features an impressive and distinctive collection of the finest art from around the world. Our gallery collections consist of unique pieces of historical and contemporary bronze sculptures and paintings.

Our fine art paintings and bronze sculptures come from all around the world. Each of them inspires our visitors to carry them home, for work, or office.

Our bronze sculptures are unique pieces that please both fine art collectors and art viewers. They are carved from the best and renowned sculptors around the world. For example, the bronze sculpture titled Woman with Lilies caved by Martha Pettigrew | b. 1950 is one of the outstanding sculptures in our gallery.

Each painting in our collection has a special story behind it. We piece from our native traditions to post-modern masterpieces. One great example is a painting titled Home Fire done by D. Edward Kucera | b. 1961 OPA.

Historic Art and Culture

Art has always been part of Santa Fe’s culture. The city was founded in 1609 to the present modern age, art has sustained and evolved, making the city’s history more interesting. Art has evolved as a cultural aspect of Santa Fe’s communities and as a key economic product. The revenue generated from the art market has evolved to be the major engine of the Santa Fe economy. As mentioned before, over one million people visit Santa Fe annually mainly because of the rich history and cultural heritage tied to creative art.

A Home of Diverse Artists

Santa Fe is home to many broad and diverse artists of all walks. From those who paint to those who curve, the galleries have featured all kinds of artists.

Mary Shaffer is one of the known artists featured in Santa Fe art galleries. She is known to have pioneered making art with glass. She has made exceptional pieces by crafting into small, individual objects or even mixed-media sculptures.

Mateo Rome is known for its great noticeable paintings. His paintings, among others, always stand out. His paintings are commonly referred to as wall power since they always dominate the surroundings.

Other Featured artists in Santa Fe include figurative painter Kent Williams and landscape painters Francis Di Fronzo and Lisa Grossman.

Maya Gallery has featured tons of talented artists and sculptors. Kevin Red Star, the painter of Medicine Shield with Medicine Pouch, 1993. The art was done with oil on canvas.

Another great painter is Barbara Latham, who made the Taos Child, 1952. The painting is available here.

Maya gallery has also featured Allan Houser (Chiricahua Apache, 1914-1994), whose sculpture “He Will Be Home Soon” is one of the most unique in our collection.

Artistic Cultural Events and Festivals

Art galleries and studios host exhibition openings on Friday nights throughout the year, especially during the summer, where you meet the local artists. Other special creative events include Canyon Road Spring Art Festival in May, the Edible Art Tour in June, the Historic Canyon Road Paint & Sculpt Out in October, and the Christmas Eve Farolito Walk, marked by the small paper lanterns lined on the road which is a New Mexico tradition.


Canyon Road is a street in Santa Fe, New Mexico that features some of the most impressive galleries and museums in America. This majestic stretch is home to an eclectic mix of artisans, artists, and creatives who are dedicated to preserving their beautiful town’s culture while continuously adding new pieces for visitors from all over the world. If you’re looking for some cultural inspiration or just love admiring other people’s work, then this place has something for everyone! If you are in the area or just want to get out on your own adventure explorin America’s greatest street, stop by in Maya Gallery! We specialize in contemporary American artwork that speaks about life as it is lived now- we hope you enjoy our galleries! Send us a message and We’ll be happy to answer any questions about what we offer as well as guide you through how best to plan your trip so it includes everything there is to see here at Canyon Road.

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